Numerology Chart

How do you calculate your lucky number?

Note: You must calculate your number manually to get 100% accurate results...


To make this calculation 100% correct, you must take the date of birth of each person as a base and reduce all the numbers to a single number. For example, if I was born on 09/23/2002, the calculation is as follows:

  • Day of birth: 23, 2 + 3 = 5
  • Birth month: 09, 9
  • Year of birth: 2002, 2 + 2 = 4
  • Now all the results are added: 5 + 9 + 4 = 18

Finally, the result is reduced to one: 1 + 8 = 9




  • Day of birth: 15, 1 + 5 = 6
  • Birth month: 4, = 4
  • Year of birth: 1989, 1 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 27; 2 + 7 = 9
  • Now all the results are added: 6 + 4 + 9 = 19; 1 + 9 = 10;

Finally, the result is reduced to one: 1 + 0 = 1



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Dear, Your preferred number is ONE


As a person guided by the energy of number 1, you embody the essence of leadership, innovation, and initiative. Your inherent drive and determination set you apart as a pioneer in your endeavors. You thrive on challenges and possess a strong competitive spirit, often excelling in solo ventures. Your organizational skills and efficiency make you a natural leader, and you often find fulfillment in sports and athletics. However, your intense desire for success can sometimes lead to egocentric tendencies. It's important to balance your ambitions with humility to achieve lasting success.


Prediction: This period is especially favorable for you to step into leadership roles and harness your natural abilities. Opportunities will present themselves, and your alertness will be key in seizing them. Expect significant transformations in various aspects of your life. Financially, you will be rewarded for your hard work, and new sources of income may emerge.


Professionally, you are closing a chapter of your development and entering a new phase of growth and expansion. New projects will come your way, often unexpectedly, allowing you to innovate and lead. In your personal life, you will fight for deep and meaningful relationships, ensuring that your connections have a promising future. Embrace these changes with courage and avoid arrogance to maximize your potential.


This is your time to shine as the natural leader you are. Stay focused, remain humble, and let your pioneering spirit guide you to new heights.


Dear, Your preferred number is TWO


As someone ruled by the energy of number 2, your mission in life is to master the art of mediation and diplomacy. You possess a natural inclination for peace and fairness, often finding yourself in situations where you help resolve conflicts. Your sensitivity and subtlety make you a reserved individual who prefers to work behind the scenes. While you don't seek the spotlight, you are content to follow a leader whose values align with yours. Your path to success lies in collaboration and group dynamics. Reflective and analytical, yet deeply emotional and sentimental, you exhibit a duality in your personality. Your need for emotional tranquility is balanced by a desire for financial security. As a loyal friend, you are always ready to support those in need.


Prediction: In this period, your inherent sensitivity and supportive nature will come to the forefront. You will feel a strong urge to assist others, but be mindful of protecting your own well-being to avoid disappointment. Your work life will benefit from your remarkable concentration and dedication. Financially, your intuition will be a powerful asset, guiding you in making crucial decisions. Business partnerships will flourish, bringing you immense satisfaction.


Emotionally, this time will favor all kinds of unions, leading to moments of great joy and fulfillment. However, it’s important to keep jealousy and the need for control in check. Embrace your natural diplomatic abilities to foster harmonious relationships and capitalize on opportunities for growth. Your empathetic nature and keen intuition will lead you to success and personal satisfaction.


This is a period of nurturing both your professional and personal life through collaboration and understanding. Trust your instincts, maintain your supportive role, and let your gentle strength shine through.


Dear, Your preferred number is THREE


As a person guided by the energy of number 3, you are inherently optimistic, creative, and eternally youthful. Your dynamic nature allows you to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, turning unexpected situations to your advantage. You excel in intellectual, artistic, and creative endeavors, always seeking ways to express and manifest your ideas. Your role in life is to spread joy and cultivate good humor. With a personality brimming with enthusiasm and imagination, you must be cautious of falling into superficiality, excess, and indolence. Your exceptional communication skills and intellectual brilliance set you apart, combining the boldness of number 1 with the caution of number 2. Number 3 is all about self-expression and freedom, and you should focus on artistic, communicative, or inventive activities.


Prediction: This period will be marked by a strong desire for recognition of your efforts. Consider enrolling in further training courses or any activities that will advance your career. While the results will manifest over time, it's crucial now to adjust your finances and avoid unnecessary expenses. This will help you achieve a more stable and peaceful position.


Your artistic abilities will be highlighted during this stage, and you will discover new avenues of expression. Support and approval from people you respect and admire will bolster your confidence. In love, this will be a revealing time where you uncover your true desires and emotional needs.


Embrace this period with enthusiasm, and let your creative and communicative talents shine. Stay focused, manage your resources wisely, and explore new creative pursuits to make the most of this dynamic phase in your life.


Dear, Your preferred number is FOUR


As someone influenced by the energy of number 4, you embody pragmatism and common sense. You are hardworking, developing significant projects in all aspects of your life. Solid foundations are essential for you, and you thrive on order and discipline. Your practical, straightforward, and organized nature makes you reliable and adept in finance and administration. However, routine can be your Achilles heel, so it's important to balance work with personal life. You have a knack for analyzing details and taking on responsibilities others might avoid. You value a homely life and care deeply for those around you, expecting respect and dignity in return. With perseverance and tenacity, you achieve your goals, always grounded in practical reasoning.


Prediction: This period will bring timely financial gains, allowing you to enhance the comfort of your home. Your strength and vitality will see a boost, signaling a phase of important decisions that you must approach with confidence and decisiveness. You will attain a greater sense of balance and stability, and your investments in your profession or career are likely to bear fruit.


Some of your dreams may come to fruition during this stage, whether it be completing a move, finishing a work project with friends, or securing the job you’ve been striving for. In love, it’s a time to address unresolved issues and express your thoughts and feelings openly. Honest dialogue will restore balance and rekindle passion in your relationships.


Embrace this period with your characteristic pragmatism and dedication. Stay focused on your goals, maintain your balance, and let your practical nature guide you through important decisions and opportunities.


Dear, Your preferred number is FIVE


As someone guided by the energy of number 5, you are a pioneer of new paths, with freedom as your guiding principle. This sense of freedom is essential in all areas of your life. When allowed to express your true nature, you achieve remarkable results. However, feeling restricted can diminish your enthusiasm and effectiveness. You possess great audacity and an excellent memory, although you may struggle with emotional instability and insecurity at times. Your passion for new experiences and aversion to monotony makes you an excellent explorer and diligent student. Your journey is one of continuous learning and experiencing the value of freedom. You thrive in dynamic environments, often excelling in media, entertainment, or public relations where your need for excitement and novelty is met.


Prediction: This period will be marked by significant changes and decisions. You will feel a strong urge to fight for greater independence. While it's important to embrace boldness, ensure you also act responsibly and use reason. Keep your adventurous spirit grounded in practicality.


In your personal life, expect fascinating and transformative experiences. You will have the opportunity to shed what no longer serves you and embrace new beginnings. A change in your appearance will boost your confidence and project a more secure image. In relationships, this time will be characterized by commitment and dedication. You may also face the chance to make a significant decision in love that could have a lasting impact.


Embrace this period of transformation with courage and wisdom. Allow your adventurous spirit to guide you, but remain mindful of the responsibilities and realities of your journey. Your path is one of exploration and freedom, and this stage promises exciting and meaningful experiences.


Dear, Your preferred number is SIX


As someone influenced by the energy of number 6, your life revolves around the pursuit of harmony and balance. Kindness and a desire to serve and help others are your standout qualities. You seek beauty and love, valuing them deeply, and excel in creating a nurturing family and home, which become your masterpieces. Your journey involves learning responsibility towards family and society. Number 6 vibrates with love and home, often taking on the social needs of others. You are called to develop understanding and compassion, easing the burdens of those you attract. Your sensitivity and romantic nature, combined with your creativity, pave the way to success and personal happiness. However, it’s essential to avoid idealizations, face conflicts with maturity, and moderate tendencies like jealousy, stubbornness, and interference.


Prediction: This period will be one of resolving many issues quickly and skillfully. Paying close attention to your responsibilities is crucial, as overcommitting might lead to neglecting important promises. You will find solutions to problems with partners and loved ones, reducing friction in your environment.


Balance is key during this time, so avoid neglecting your emotional side due to work pressures. Spending more time with family, friends, and your partner will be beneficial. Engaging in physical activities and connecting with nature will enhance your physical and mental well-being.


If you are single, this is an opportune time to meet someone special. For those in established relationships, it’s a good time to take significant steps forward. Embrace this period with your characteristic kindness and balance, and you will find harmony and happiness in both personal and social spheres.


Dear, Your preferred number is SEVEN


As someone guided by the energy of number 7, intuition and sensitivity are central to your life. Number 7 is often the most introspective and solitary number, leading you to delve deeply into the mysteries of existence. You frequently find yourself immersed in contemplation, pondering existential, mystical, and moral questions, often overlooking more practical matters. Solitude and silence are essential for you to meditate and gain inner inspiration. When you do speak, your words carry profound wisdom, and your powerful intuition serves you well in any situation. You have a passion for reading, thinking, meditating, and exploring the occult and mysterious aspects of life. You thrive in scientific research, mathematics, music, or literature, and living close to nature in a tranquil environment suits you best. Your deepest desires are tied to spiritual growth and inner development, making it wise to avoid attachment to material possessions and unrequited feelings.


Prediction: This period will heighten your sensitivity, allowing you to perceive subtle nuances and find the answers you seek. A refreshing wave of enthusiasm will sweep through your life, bringing new offers and proposals for unknown activities and challenges. A new business or project will capture your attention. However, before making any moves, seek detailed advice to avoid unrealistic expectations.


Expect a period of small triumphs and encouraging improvements, as your inspiration and sharp intuition will guide you. In matters of love, significant advantages await if you choose not to hide your emotions. Opening up will allow you to fully experience the potential of a new romance.


Embrace this time with your characteristic introspection and intuition. Stay open to new opportunities and let your spiritual and intuitive strengths lead you to growth and fulfillment.


Dear, Your preferred number is EIGHT


As someone influenced by the energy of number 8, dualism and extremes are fundamental aspects of your nature. You live in a world of all or nothing, constantly testing your strength and resolve. Your life is destined for significant achievements in business and finance, with success coming through your effort and perseverance. Justice is your guiding principle, and you focus not on fortune but on personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Your rewards come from development and a job well done. Throughout your life, you will associate with influential and talented individuals. With your resolute, stubborn, and outspoken nature, you face challenges with courage and a spirit of sacrifice. You are demanding and competitive, aware that benefits come through hard work and sacrifice. You are here to learn to manage authority and money, avoiding the pitfalls of power abuse, eccentricity, and indolence.


Prediction: This period will see the good deeds of your past beginning to bear fruit. The positive resolution of a family matter will enable you to project yourself strongly into the future. Professional success will hinge on your leadership abilities and your capacity to surround yourself with competent people. To ensure good coexistence both at work and in your personal life, it’s important to avoid excessive criticism and develop tolerance.


Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial, as a sedentary life could negatively affect your mood. Joining a gym or going for regular walks will boost your vitality and overall well-being.

In love, new paths will open up, and you may receive an unexpected invitation. Expect joy, celebrations, and family gatherings to enhance this period. Embrace this time with your characteristic strength and determination, focusing on your goals and maintaining a balance between your professional and personal life.



Dear, Your preferred number is NINE


As someone under the influence of number 9, you embody the highest vibration, representing the universal lover of humanity. Patient, kind, and understanding, you are at the peak of life's expression and have a mission to guide and inspire others. You are an idealist with strong willpower and energy. Versatile and determined, you pursue your goals with unwavering courage, particularly those related to great humanitarian causes. You have a strong desire to fight injustice, aiming to make the world a better place. Your passions include saving the planet, combating famine, and addressing inequality. Your fiery nature makes you very sensitive to issues you care about deeply. Generous and warm-hearted, you are admired and magnetic, attracting many people to you. For you, giving is receiving, and life is fulfilling when you have the chance to help others.


Prediction: This period will require you to complete some ongoing projects to make room for new opportunities that life has in store for you. You will have the chance to develop your talents and, with good time management, achieve everything you set out to do. Expect to be in contact with the public or lead a busy social life. Your challenge will be to avoid dispersing your energies and instead focus them in a concrete and positive manner.


This time is excellent for closing chapters, healing, and letting go of what no longer serves you. Interesting nuances will emerge in your human relationships, with a deep transformation occurring within you. This transformation will enable you to open up and move closer to finding true love.

Embrace this period with your characteristic generosity and humanitarian spirit. Focus on your goals, maintain your passion for great causes, and allow yourself to grow both personally and in your relationships. This time promises growth, fulfillment, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

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